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6-Hours  Behind-the-Wheel Training

After passing the NJMVC Knowledge Test, a student can start the 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel. In order for a 16 year old to obtain a driving permit NJMVC requires the student to complete the 6 hours through a NJMVC Certified Driving School. These 6 hours are only the minimum required, but this may not be enough for every student. See below for additional driving lessons.

Additional Driving Lessons

Driving is a skill that needs to be taken seriously. Additional driving lessons are available for those who may need to enhance their skills either after they receive their permit or license. This can be critical for those parents or guardians who have a hard time nor the time to properly teach their child. This may help to ensure that the student to become more comfortable, gain more confidence, and enhance the fundamental skills of driving.


We will provide an assessment after the completion of the 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel. If you did not use Drivability for Behind-the-Wheel Training that is fine. Upon the first lesson we can provide an initial assessment, then discuss additional lessons. This is done on a case by case basis. 

Knowlege Test and Preparation

When your teenager turns 16 they do not have to wait until the completion of a High School Driver’s Education Class to take the Knowledge Test. Drivability can take, assist, and prep them with taking the Knowledge Test at NJMVC. We have example/ practice tests available through a secured testing website. This is avaible upon scheduling lessons and appointments

Road Test Prep / Review Lessons

Drivability offers an exclusive “Road Test Prep/ Review Course”. Lesson(s) will include an in-depth look and practical review of all the testable skills that will be on the NJMVC Road Test. For example, Parallel Parking, 3-Point Turn, Driving in Reverse, proper turning, signaling, stopping, speed control, etc. Understanding all the ins and outs of the course is beneficial and may provide you with invaluable insight to obtaining an license.

Road Test

If you plan on using your own car or someone else's for the road test that is fine. Remember NJMVC requires that the vehicle have a center emergency brake or dual controls (driving school car). If the car does not have the center emergency brake, you may choose Drivability to arrange an instructor and a vehicle for the NJMVC road test. Please call in advance to make sure that an instructor is available.


Payment Plans are Available!!!

Please contact us for all pricing!!!! 

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